Transfer to Vars Station by private shuttle

Transfer to Vars Station by private shuttle

EasyTransferts offers a private transfer for all travelers who wish to join the station of Vars by means of a private transport. You are a group, a binomial, a private individual, a company, or an association, our team is in charge to transfer you via our private shuttles to the station of Vars, or by one of our bus, mini van , bus to Vars station in the high Alps.


You will be able to enjoy a quiet journey between you, without being with the rest of the other travelers and so relax before arriving at your hotel, your holiday club, or your prestige luxury chalet Vars or your apartment in Vars. At the Vars station you will enjoy many sports activities such as mountain biking Your destination is Vars?


Do you arrive from Milan Malpensa airport to Vars, Geneva airport to Vars, Marseille airport, Grenoble airport, Lyon, Chambéry?


We come to get you back. Your point of arrival is the station? You want a transfer from MontDauphin station, transfer Guillestre to Vars?


Transfer from Modane to Vars? or Grenoble railway station?

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